Handling Microsoft Azure is a daunting task for any company. The sheer depth and breadth of functionality and flexibility can easily prove overwhelming, and that applies to customers and resellers alike. In the right hands, it’s phenomenally potent — misused, its value is unclear. If you intend to resell it, then, you need all the relevant expertise you can muster.

At intY, we’ve deployed Azure in myriad configurations, and we know precisely what it can achieve as the core of Microsoft’s Cloud Services. We’ve also worked closely with Microsoft for years, developing a professional relationship that confers benefits we can pass on to you.

Consequently, choosing intY as your partner for reselling Microsoft Azure should be an easy decision, but allow us to go into greater detail about why this is. We’ll also explain how we can help you resell Azure effectively, and how you can use it to impress your customers.

Why you should choose intY as your Azure resale partner

Given the aforementioned complexity of Azure, it’s important to have as much support as you can get while pitching it to prospective customers, and the intY pre-sales team is exceptional. Let us know what a given prospect is looking for, and we can devise a strategy for deploying Azure to maximum effect — and help you communicate it in straightforward terms.

Our support doesn’t end at the pitching stage, of course. Once you’ve successfully sold an Azure implementation, we can help you address any issues that arise, stay apprised of new additions to the Azure platform, and upsell your customers on further licensing. There’s always more that can be done with the power of Azure.

Factor in the competitive license rates that we can offer due to our long-standing association with Microsoft (and the ease of our CASCADE licensing provision portal) and you can have an arrangement that will make you money and save you money.

How selling Azure through intY can help resellers

If you’re unsure about adding Microsoft Azure to your lineup, why is it such a good option? There are various reasons, but the biggest is the sheer scale of its potential. Supporting a huge range of integrations and bringing industry-leading cloud processing power to bear, it’s capable of delivering digital transformation on a level that individual SaaS tools can’t achieve.

An extensive overhaul of a customer’s operation is a hard thing to sell, admittedly, but the upside is enormous. Advancing their technology in leaps and bounds will make them far more competitive in their field, and they’ll see the financial and practical benefits of that soon enough. The bigger the positive impact, the more customer loyalty it will drive.

There’s also the immense benefit of establishing a framework that can continue to grow and develop. With Azure architecture in place, new features and solutions can be neatly slotted in at any time. If you expand your set of skills to include a previously-untouched facet of Azure, you can immediately add it to your range and start rolling it out to interested customers, making your regular operations significantly faster and easier.

And with intY on your side throughout it all, you can rapidly identify new revenue streams as new Azure features become available. We’ll keep you apprised of the latest updates and ensure that you can take full advantage of notable feature additions.

How resellers can impress their customers with Azure

Trying to handle complex deployments of Microsoft Azure is an onerous task, particularly for small-to-medium resellers, and handling time effectively is essential. Since partnering with intY allows you to pass on a lot of the research and heavy lifting, you can have considerably more time to put towards providing impressive support and building customer relationships.

Convincing a customer to embrace cloud processing and storage can radically change how they work and how they view you as a provider, and Azure is the foundation to support that embrace. Leaning on intY expertise, you can explain the advantages of the Azure cloud — pay-as-you-go costing, incredible scalability, high-end security, no need to invest in hardware — and earn both the go-ahead for deployment and the benefit of the doubt for future projects.

Microsoft Azure is the powerhouse of cloud computing, and represents the biggest leap ahead for businesses already reliant upon Microsoft software (typically Windows and Office). Through offering outstanding rates and expert advice, intY stands ready to help you turn it into a lucrative part of your resale lineup

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